Elizabeth Ministry

Welcome to St. Katharine Drexel’s Elizabeth Ministry page...

Following the example of Mary & Elizabeth, we visit and share the sacredness of all life...


Thank you for taking time to inquire about St. Katharine Drexel’s chapter of Elizabeth Ministry.  We are one of over 700 chapters around the world and are blessed to have the Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters and Retreat Center located right here on our parish campus (St. Mary’s site).


Volunteering for Elizabeth Ministry is a very easy way to serve your parish and is a great way to connect with other families.  There are many ways to get involved, and we would love to have you join us!


Our Goal:

Elizabeth Ministry's goal is to respect all life, cherish children, encourage families,

enrich marriages and build community.

The Vision:

Following the biblical example of Mary and Elizabeth,

we visit and share the sacredness of all life.


The Elizabeth Ministry was designed to offer maternal mentoring, family support and prayer.  You can help us do this in many ways.    


Elizabeth Ministry Visitor:  No training or experience is necessary. Volunteers become Elizabeth Ministers in the areas they have experience.  For example, a woman who has had pregnancy complications would mentor a woman who is currently experiencing pregnancy complications. Continued support is given throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. Support may be provided in the form of visits, phone calls, e-mails, greeting cards, prayer, resources and other assistance.  Many of our visits are made simply to celebrate NEW BIRTH, but we like to have as many visitors as possible available to visit for special circumstances as well.


Pregnancy/Waiting to Adopt Blessing:  We sponsor this special blessing twice a year.  Father offers the blessing at the end of mass, and volunteers are needed to present a gift bag of resources to the families who are present.  Our parish family is asked to keep these families in their prayers as they await the arrival of their little one.


Baptism Lambs:  Every child that is baptized at St. Katharine Drexel is given a small plush lamb during their baptismal mass welcoming them into the Catholic faith and our parish family.  Volunteers are needed to present the lamb to the families at this time.  You will simply be asked to “congratulate” the family and read a gift card that states, “You are an important member of our flock.”


Rosebud Program:  A beautifully unique way to show respect for the dignity and worth of all life, and one more way for us to support women and families experiencing the joys and challenges of the childbearing years.  Below is a description of this program:


Rosebud Program

This program helps a church identify, pray for, and support those

who are pregnant, celebrating birth or adoption, grieving

miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infant or child death,

or wanting to become pregnant or adopt.


How It Works

The easel instructs how to select the appropriate colored rose from the

basket, fill out the attached card, and place the rose in the vase. Church

members make a promise to pray for all the families the rosebuds represent.


Coordinating prayer cards are available to take home for personal

meditation. If the church using this program also has an Elizabeth Ministry

Chapter, ministry volunteers could plan visits to the families as well.



Crafts & Projects:  All of the items that go into our Gift and Resource Bags are handmade or donated by parish family members.  This is what makes our gift bags so personal and truly a gift from our parish family!  We have many volunteers knitting, crocheting, making fleece blankets, doing computer projects, helping scroll poems & prayers for special occasions, making bibs or hand stamping onesies & gift cards or tags.  If you have a little time and talent to share, perhaps Elizabeth Ministry is a good fit for you.  We are open to new ideas and fun suggestions as we strive to keep our gift bags unique and meaningful to the families who receive them.


Financial Donations:  With grateful hearts we thank all of our many financial sponsors and donors.  Without your generosity we would not be able to keep this ministry alive and active in our parish. 


Financial donations are accepted and ALWAYS much appreciated.  We will do our best to continue ministering to our parish family in a way that will make you proud.





For more information OR to volunteer for the St. Katharine Drexel Parish Chapter of Elizabeth Ministry, feel free to contact:


Carol Engmann (766-4096),  Kate Haen (766-5502) or Linda Lamers (766-9032)